Amazing Ruffle Scarf #3

I've made 3 new scarves!

Amazing Ruffle Scarf #2

So I showed the scarf to a friend of mine, and she commissioned me to create this scarf....and paid $20 for it! (Though I charged her $15.  She didn't have change ;))

Things changed:
  - Color (obviously)
  - Button/button hole are placed on the scarf symmetrically
  - Fringe taken away - replaced with scallops (but they curl under when worn)

Onward to the pictures!

Amazing Ruffle Scarf #1

My sister and I were walking through the mall yesterday, when we came across a beautiful scarf that looked like it could be easily made.  So we went to Walmart, picked up some fleece, and got to work.

The scarf is made with elastic thread, and we added a cute button.

We'd love to have your opinions on it!

The bag inspired by a font

I watched the documentary "Helvetica" today about the font and...I was enthralled.  I think I'm in love...or I watched, I knew I just had to make something!  This font was so beautiful, and as I sat soaking in the goodness of Helvetica I felt that whatever I would make be amazing...such awesomeness just had to rub off on me.

(video: )

(Yeah...I'm a weird graphic designer.)

So!  A purse I made a few months ago fell apart, so I decided to create a new one with this gorgeous "Hunting Scene" Cowtan & Tout fabric a fellow classmate of mine gave me. (Thanks Susanne!)   It's lined with some kind of red quilted fabric.

On to the photos!

I'd love to hear your comments/criticisms.  The flap is too big, and so the straps get in the way...but that's my only complaint :)

God bless!

Black & Red Ribbed Scarf

My first completed knit scarf!

I knit this up for a friend at school.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out...I love how the ribbing adds extra warmth.  I used Caron Simply Soft so it's incredibly cozy!

I added a label with my initials...just to customize it a bit :)

Enjoy!  I'm excited ... now on to trying to knit a hat!

Crocheted Scarf: the Shell Stitch

Here are some pictures of my lovely sister Michelle modeling a scarf I made recently, with the amazing Lion Brand Cotton-Ease yarn.

Since I photographed and made this scarf, Michelle has made about 3 of them herself. When I left for school today, my brother Sam was crocheting one!

Adventures in Knitting & Swapping!

I have begun experimenting with knitting. Well, dove right in is a more correct phrase. I've purchased yarn, two point needles, cable needles, circular needles, and a large box to organize them all in. Here's my experiment in changing colors:

It will be interesting learning to weave in and block for the first time.

On an especially fun note, after a year of wanting to, I've finally joined a Craftster swap! This one is the Winter Scarf Swap. I'd post pictures of the absolutely beautiful wool yarn I bought for it, but my swap partner may see I'll wait 'til after the swap :)

And to end on an adorable note:

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