The bag inspired by a font

I watched the documentary "Helvetica" today about the font and...I was enthralled.  I think I'm in love...or I watched, I knew I just had to make something!  This font was so beautiful, and as I sat soaking in the goodness of Helvetica I felt that whatever I would make be amazing...such awesomeness just had to rub off on me.

(video: )

(Yeah...I'm a weird graphic designer.)

So!  A purse I made a few months ago fell apart, so I decided to create a new one with this gorgeous "Hunting Scene" Cowtan & Tout fabric a fellow classmate of mine gave me. (Thanks Susanne!)   It's lined with some kind of red quilted fabric.

On to the photos!

I'd love to hear your comments/criticisms.  The flap is too big, and so the straps get in the way...but that's my only complaint :)

God bless!


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