Fashion Illustration

In my Fashion Illustration class, our latest project was to draw 9 pieces of clothing. I decided to try out a technique mentioned by a member of the Craftster forum, Loukr, to do the watercoloring.

The process:

  • Transfer my figure & design onto watercolor paper
  • Paint over the entire figure with masking fluid to prevent the paint from getting on it
  • Used a large paint brush to get the paper slightly wet
  • Dropped on colors of watercolor. Doing this on the wet paper made the softer look.
  • After that had dried, I painted on some more watercolor paint and blew it with a straw to get the, as Sam says, "Spiderman" effect.
  • Once everything had finished drying, I peeled off the masking fluid and painted on the flesh colors.

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  1. Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...
    What awesome illustrations. Simply stunning!

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